I just bought a Shimmer Gunmetal Grey Fendi Patent BBag

  1. I just bought the new fall 2007 grey patent bbag. I had credit at the store and like it but not sure I'm loving it.

    Was thinking of selling it on eBay but I don't think I would get a good price for it and I guess you need 500+ posts to use the marketplace on TPF. =(

    Any suggestions??
  2. Hmm, well definitely don't keep it if you don't love it. Store credits are a bit of a pain, huh? Can you return it and save the credit for something that really sings to you?

    Post a pic...I'd love to see it!
  3. I would rather have a credit than a bag that I dont love and probably wouldnt use. But would love to see pictures.
  4. Sure, lemme post a pic or two. It is really beautiful but I'm just feeling bad about spending the $$. I originally got a yellow patent one and thought it was too canary yellow so I returned it for credit. This one is the only one I thought was nice for fall. Grey is in and it's very subdued and classy. But wonder if it will really last, ya know?
  5. Please post pics. Would love to see.
  6. I'm liking it more and more now that I'm taking pretty pics of it...:yes:
    BBag-006.jpg BBag-012.jpg BBag-014.jpg
  7. Wow, that B bag is stunning! :tup: And as you mentioned, gray is very "in" for fall. I'd keep it, personally, but if you aren't loving it, you should get rid of it. Good luck.
  8. Wow, I'm not normally a B bag fan, but that color is really stunning! I think it's a beautiful bag!
  9. Pretty Bag Kosin :tup:! I ditto Cosmos thoughts...
  10. Keep it! Grey is HOT for fall and this bag is absolutely SMOKING HOT!
  11. kosin30 - It's gorgeous ... I think it's very hot, keep it!
  12. that bag is hot hot hot:drool:...keep it!
  13. luv the bag, keep it!!
  14. Honestly, I like it, but I don't love it. I'm the proud owner of some BBags myself, but the all-patent ones don't appeal to me as much, because the details seem to get lost in all the glare.

    You will, however, get alot of use of the bag -- it's a good size, and a great color. If you love it, keep it.
  15. Hmmm.... I have shoes that might go perfectly with that.... Love that bag. But seriously if you are not loving it, return it. Too much money to spend on something you're not crazy about. I love the all patent but that's just me. The silver is a very easy colour to match I must say. Could we get some modeling pics?