I just bought a Prada hobo on a whim

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    i bought a white calf leather prada hobo on impulse today.

    Not that i can really afford it

    I always wanted a white bag and today i just felt like living dangerously.

    I walked past Prada, decided to go into it. I was dressed very casually. an old shift dress, ballerina flats and carrying a LeSportsac bag. Most of the staff couldn't be bothered with me. But there was this SA who was so nice and sincere, that I felt like just buying the bag on impulse.

    Do i regret it? Not exactly cos i have always wanted a white leather bag. And i seriously don't see the point of buying a bag for hundred over quid just to see it disintegrating after a few months. My only worry is that I have to tighten my belt for the next two months.. :Push:

    Wish i have a picture though but i dun have a camera. The bag is a plain hobo with silver embossed logo.
  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!sounds pretty!
  3. Oh man...

    It's okay, in the long run - you win.

    Congrats on a new bag! :P
  4. Congrats!!! ..and enjoy it !!!