I just ate half a loaf of toasted garlic sourdough bread...

  1. smothered with 3 kinds of melted cheese. chased it with 2 glasses of red wine.

    period starting any minute now....I'm so depressed.:sad:
  2. Aw, I'm sorry you're sad!

    That sounded really good though!:yes:
  3. Sounds yummy to me!! Don't be sad, tomorrow will be better!!
  4. yuuummmy....
  5. While eating so much before my peiod makes me mad, it is great at the time!! Smile.. at least you don't have a mouse friend living with you!!!!
  6. Oh man that sounds good.

    And girl, you're fit - don't worry about the calories ! ;)
  7. now I'm coloring my hair to see if that will brighten my mood. 15 minutes to go.
  8. wow that sounds so good!!! It makes me want to eat something now!!! *rummages in fridge*
  9. lol, you're soooooooooooo adorable bagsnshoefetish, cheer up girl :flowers:
  10. arrrrgh i hear that!! i had the most delicious chicken strip sandwhich...(i am addicted to chickenstrips...if i were on death row they would seriously be my last meal. i kid you not)

    the week before and during your period, calories should not count. heck. i say they don't. so. they don't. :yes:

    hrm. that reminds me, i need to call my stylist....to bad tomorrow is monday and the salon is closed. i'm going to forget by tuesday and my roots are scary. :yes:
  11. You're depressed? I've had mine almost a month. I am depressed. My doctor says "sometimes that just happens." Where did that bottle go?
  12. a month? why or why? I think I'd be on a ledge somewhere....not that I'm suggesting you should be on a ledge somewhere....thats just me...or where is that gallon of vanilla ice cream???????
  13. Oh gosh that sounds SOOOOO good right now (but it's almost 1AM here so my parents will freak out if I leave the house to go trolling for food outside so I'll just have to starve =( )

    And your PF's ray of sunshine (and comedy! LOL) so cheer up.. we're all here for you (and will help you eat the food so you don't get tempted :graucho: :lol: )
  14. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS!!!!!!


    hahah I'm on a diet, so garlic sourdough bread sounds like my idea of heaven... mmm. hope it tasted delicious!!!!
  15. oh it was so damn good. looking at the other half now. I just got out of the shower and my hair sure is dark. its so dry I think it really grabbed the color. My hair stylist is going to be pissed! Oh well. BTW - while you are drying yourself off, ever get one of those long strands of hair caught between your cheeks? how the hell does that happen anyway?