I hope y'all aren't sick of Miroir Lockit- because here's mine~ :o)

  1. :nuts::roflmfao::yahoo::heart:

    Got mine from the Columbus, OH Saks store- I had thought that an SA had helped me- but she's the Assistant Manager and she's the BEST!!! PM me if you want her name~ her store gets a LOT of runway~

    This was a true stroke of luck- the store that I had originally waitlisted on has not even called :sad: - I got on the Columbus list by accident- I had called 866 to find out about a Fuschia Baggy PM I was interested in back in the beginning of June, got connected to this store b/c it was the last one in the US- talked to the Assistant Manager for a bit then mentioned Berkeley and Miroir Lockit- she only had a list going for the Lockit b/c of it's LE status- so, what the heck- put my name down and TOTALLY forgot about it!!!

    And- what do you know- checked voicemails back in Fairbanks on July 1 b/c it was a Sunday (bored)~~and there was her message---- "Hi M! This is ____ from Louis Vuitton in Columbus--- I've got a Miroir Lockit in Silver available for you- please return my call as soon as you can...." :p

    So- this bag was bound to get to me----- I'm so happy, love the shape!!!! Pics next
  2. [​IMG]



    And- what a great week! 4th of July AND a Class reunion!



    And this pic is b/c I'm a goofball who is VERY VERY bored this Sunday evening! (sooo terrible when I'm on eBay!! ;o)

  3. Yay! Congrats!! It's sooo pretty. And your last pic is too funny!! I also like the patriotic one. :yes:
  4. YAY you got your's!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! how about some modeling pics =) I love seeing the miroir modeled!
  5. No way Jen! I need to lose some weight~ I've been eating carbs like I drink water~~~ waaaaaaaaaaay too much!

    But- we'll see- I have a very cool co-worker who probably wouldn't mind~

    LOL~ I literally STALKED the local Fedex people up here (regional airlines) and they all gave me "the look"- that look that says--- WTF is so important about this package?!

    They were nice- they called after they sorted them and they had been closed for 2 hours when I picked it up!! LOL!! I was driving away straight home like Cruella Deville with all the stolen pups! LMAO!!
  6. and BTW- it's NICE coming around here again! I was on a bbag hiatus for a while there!

    :flowers: :blush: :tender: :girlsigh:
  7. very nice...congrats!
  8. So happy for you, Frozen!! That's one gorgeous bag!!!
  9. LOL you're too cute! Congrats! :tup:
  10. Thank you everybody ~ this bag is posted on the dining table right now---- it shines in almost ANY light~~~~~~
  11. yay, frozen, and with the summer so many more hours for her to shine shine shine!! That is one knockout of a bag, wow.
  12. True Purse- it's sunny right now as I type.

    The bling factor is GIIIIGAAAAANNTIC!!!!!! I mean---- if I were stranded somewhere- all I need is some sun and this bag and ---- voila- I'm found!


    I actually got this bag last Thursday but have been contemplating on keeping it--- but when I remember my dire need to have a Miroir Speedy back in March- I decided - nope. this one is a keeper.
  13. I'm so glad you're keeping her!! It's way past my bedtime here, late night hockey game + laundry going on, but on the other hand being between jobs I guess I can sleep in a little!

    Congrats on your stunning new LV and enjoy her!!
  14. Very pretty!
  15. WOW! Absolutely stunning! Congratsssss!!! Your last pic is too funny, lol... And you're a year above me - I'm class of 1998! :p:heart: