I Hope These Fit!

  1. Yes I'd love that! I'm a 36 or 36.5!!
  2. I found these in a 36! Not gray but blush! They called them "pig" LMAO I'm pretty sure it's a mouse right!! I about stroked when I saw the order sent to my email and it said pig!!

  3. There ya go! Great!
    If you're ever looking for MbyMj shoes in the future, keep the boutique in mind - their end of the season sales are awesome! Last season, I got four pair of shoes for < $400 (including a pair of boots!)
  4. I def news to look bc that's a heck of a deal!!
  5. I just saw these today in Bloomingdales.. Cute!
  6. If you buy them size down!!
  7. I just bought some, I'm normally a 39 but ended up getting a 38!
  8. Nice, where at? Did u get them on sale?
  9. For anyone still looking, there are a couple pairs of metallic studded mouse flats & some patent ones on 6pm right now.