I hope there isn't a Coach police!

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  1. Today was a sad day in my house. Last night I found a flea on the dog. So of course I freak and cart the poor pup off to the vet this morning for dips, drops, and whatever else they do. Well, I decided that the house needed to be flea bombed. Ok, everything is all well and good until I realized that I can't let my bags be exposed to that gunk. So my first thought was to take them with me, but then I figured it was probably not a good idea to head to the mall for four hours with my entire collection in my car. So (and I still can't beleive I had to do this) I put the purses into... garbage bags :yucky: to keep them air tight. :s Honestly, my first thought was "I hope the little suade one can breathe" LOL Good news is they survived the fogger. I just hope my name didn't go on a list somewhere in Jacksonville. :sad:

    Just thought I would share my coach related drama with people I knew would understand my distress.
  2. Ew, I feel for you. I've had to do that before (fog the house) and it's just a total pain. But I did the same thing that you did - meaning the garbage bags. I used them to cover up anything I didn't want to deal with afterwards. LOL Even my appliances! :yes:
  3. your poor little bags must've been scared...hopefully you bought them a new friend at the mall! :graucho:
  4. Don't feel bad, redice1980!

    A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! :yes:
  5. lol! I agree, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Poor babies~
  6. that's exactly what i was thinking! lol.
  7. I'll bet it was actually PAINFUL to put them in those garbage bags!!!:crybaby:
  8. :wtf: Ohhh. crud. You are definately a better person than I am - I would have forgotten to close my precious babies (ok, this includes handbags & shoes!!!) up!!! Wow... even though I'm sure it was akward, garbage bags and all - GOOD call girl!!!
  9. I probably would've brought them with me scared that the garbage bag would somehow still allow the smell inside. :roflmfao:

    Did you get anything good at the mall? Maybe a new friend for your babies (bags) to play with?
  10. I know I was making a good call by protecting them, but it was still tough to put them into garbage bags, I mean really...white plastic with a red draw string, come on. They faired okay and don't smell or anything. I think Carly is a little ticked off, but she's a drama queen and will just have to get over it! I didn't get them any new playmates at the mall then, but the night before I did get a sig stripe wristlet and umbrella at the outlet. Shame there is no rain forecasted in the next week or so :sad:
  11. Hahaha, that is really cute.
    Glad to hear your babies are okay.
  12. you are too funny!
  13. that funny!
  14. good thinking! or else they will suffocate from the nasty fog! (like they're alive) hahaha! at least they were safe from harm's way ;p

  15. That's hilarious.....:roflmfao: