I hit 1,000 posts in just over a month!!!!

  1. WOW! I forgot how late in Oct I actually joined (Halloweenie)...I am amazed! I am already over 1,000 posts and it took me only a month of steadfast forum participation! haha...

    Well ladies it has been fun, Megs and Vlad where is my award? :graucho::supacool:
    I look forward to sharing thousands and thousands more posts with you all :heart:
  2. Congrats that's a lot of posts
  3. I talk a lot...haha
  4. Wheweee and congrats!
  5. CONGRATS!!!! hehe I have been on since may and i dont have that much, lol.
  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  7. geez you're such a blabbermouth!!!!

  8. ya but right now you have a 69 in there :roflmfao:
    wait do people still make that joke? :angel:
  9. Wow!! Congrats!
    I've joined for about 3 weeks now I think and only 400 posts. I better talk more!!
  10. Me too! That is pretty good!!! How many posting per day? Like 60?
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. OMG............ you need some sunlight!!! haha.... that's great. I love this place too x
  13. Congrats!! That was fast!!! I hope to hit 1000 by Christmas!x
  14. ^^ Me too! Except I have been a member here for a year or so now.....
  15. :yahoo:keep on posting!!! congratulations!!!