I Highly Recommend Balenciaga in Forum Shop Las Vegas

  1. It looks small, but check out their back room storage. I will say more than thousands pieces there! You will find your dream one for sure!!!!!! I was shock when I saw the full rack.

    I have been there several times, never got disappointed. Sales are very nice, and Cute by the way:p.

  2. By the way, forgot to show off my New babie. I got the purse last year Sep from that sales. And Matching wallet few days ago from the same person:graucho:
  3. will be in Vegas 2nd week of April...do they still have stocks of giant 21 rosegold? velo or parttime would do for me, hoping to snag my 1 last giant 21 Bbag...
  4. I have to say a big yes too!:smile:
  5. Must agree the Forum shop is great. Had a wonderful SA there.

    The shop at City Centre is wonderful too. My SA there is Marie. TOTALLY SWEET!!!