I heart bleuuuuuuu cobalt!!!

  1. lol, okay when you are dresssed! I would really love to see you modeling it using the long shoulder strap please?! Im considering getting a city either with Gh or the new mini hw...I'm on the fence.I'm thinking if I see pics using the new mini that way I can decide..there is actually no pics on this forum of the mini giant hardware using the long stap..I'll be waiting :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Love it! That hardware is perfect for this bag. You also did a really good job capturing its color, which is much brighter and more BLUE than the balenciaga/mytheresa photos can show. It's been awhile since they made such a true blue and the leather on the bleu cobalt bags seems wonderful in general.

    Can't wait to see some mod pix! Congratulations!
  3. :lol::okay: i'll show you tmrw.... :giggles:
  4. I love this colour too - really pretty!
    and good pics too as alot of the miniRGH looks just like the RH IMO but you have shown that it is really quite different - fabulous!
  5. hi...yeap.... you are right... MT's color is more lighter.... in real, its darker * exactly like the pic i took* .... ;) btw can we call this electric blue? it looks like it though....
  6. ahhhh thank you... :dothewave:
  7. Oh wow!!! This is a gorgeous blue!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Awwww love it :smile:
  9. Ok!!
  10. GORGEOUS !!!:heart:
  11. Beautiful blue!!
  12. Wowee! You certainly got a nice one! Congrats!
  13. What a beautiful blue! Congrats on the new bag! :biggrin:
  14. Fantastic, congrats, nice blue color
  15. Congrats...really love Bleu Cobalt as well...the leather on your bag seems thciker than mine too ( It seems Balenciaga heard too much complaints about the thin leather and increased the thickness for the latest batch of bags, I was told by my S/A).
    I am 1000% sure you will enjoy yours.:smile: