I have WANGO TANGO tickets, Wanna GO?

  1. I wish I lived in CA :sad: That sounds fun, and my BF and me have been wanting to go to a live concert together.
  2. I listen to Kiss FM and everyone is crazy about wango tango. Too bad my friends aren't.
  3. I never even heard of them ......what type of music is it
  4. I have not heard of them either, but I hope you sell the tickets. That stinks that you got stuck paying for all of those!
  5. ooh i would totally go but my boyfriend doesnt finish work until 7pm on saturday... the concert starts at 5pm right?
  6. I'm going to forward the URL to my friend. She has been calling Kiis Fm everyday hoping to win. I would love to go if I didn't have a family obligation this weekend.
  7. Yes, the concert starts at 5 p.m. I heard alot of people who have been calling in everyday hoping to win since the tickets are sold out.
  8. Good price but it's lawn seats... :sad:
  9. ;)
    Yeah, but you can't get the other tickets anywhere.