I have to share with my LV girls, I found the perfect boots for my Mabillon...

  1. I love my Mabillon in Kenyan Fawn, is the most gorgeous brandy color. I wanted to find the perfect boots for my bag, thanks eBay I found them.
    What do you think? perfect match..lol
  2. Wow, it's perfect!! Congrats on the purchase!
  3. I love those boots, and with the Mabillon, you will look so cute!
  4. Wow, that is a perfect match. I like them both!!:jammin:
  5. Such a great duo...you are gonna get so many stares...awesome buy! congrats!!
  6. Thank you, thanks to handmadeinitaly, he is a great shoe seller.
  7. Aww!! I hope so:party:
  8. :wlae: Thank you.
  9. they look nice together!! congrats!! =)
  10. I know, I looked for several weeks and finally found them.:yahoo:
  11. Perfect!
  12. Matches!
  13. :nuts: Ahhhh...perfect indeed:yes: You're going to look so hot with those on:graucho: :love:
  14. Great match! Congrats!!
  15. Just gorgeous! Congrats!
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