I have seen the future....

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  1. ...and its actually the present.:wacko:

    Anyway, I was just doing my perusal of the bags on the Neiman Marcus website, and I came across something that might interest some people.


    This is the link to the new generation of IF 'Quilty Pleasures' bags, and I have to say, they don't look half bad. I don't have the original, so no real frame of comparison. What does anyone else think?
  2. I am not sure how well the canvas will go over with the metallic. Canvas is more of a spring thing and that bronze metallic is more of a winter thing. That said, IF bags are awesome and they keep reinventing themselves. The leather quilty pleasures were unbelievable and they commanded almost twice their retail on ebay. I was fortunate enough to buy a tote used once at a retail price and I think it arrives today. I can't wait. I have about 10 IF bags and I look at them for several weeks before I decide which one to sell on ebay. I just sold a beautiful huge reina bag to someone who had been looking everywhere and she was so happy when I listed it. She snapped it up right away and I was so depressed becaue I set the price high thinking it wouldn't sell and I would have to keep it, well I called around and found another one, so I guess that makes me an addict. I'm trying to find a used chloe to start my chloe collection but I may have to buy one of those new paddington bags. thanks for the tip on the IF, I check Neimans everyday and had not yet checked it. I think I'll have to preorder one of the brown leather ones.
  3. I love the bag. I love the colors and how it all works together. It is a must have.
  4. Not loving it, but I do like it.
  5. I don't care for the brown at all. I saw it a couple of weeks ago on ebay. But the cream is gorgeous. :nuts: :nuts: I was looking at it at work and had to leave my desk when a co-worker passed by my computer an went ga-ga over the cream one too!!

    I love it, love it. i wish it were all leather instead of canvas, but I think I may get it anyway. I don't want to lose out incase this one turns out to be as popular as the leather Quilty's. I wonder if it will stain easily?
  6. I have an all brown Quilty Pleasures that I love. I'm not so keen on the canvas/leather combination. One of the things about the bag is that it looks very tough. When you have the different materials, the leather parts look very DECORATIVE. The all leather one doesn't give you the sense of "decoration". You can almost imagine that all the straps and buckles are 'doing something', if you know what I mean.... This just looks fussy.
  7. Oh, very easy to imagine these both in my closet!
  8. ISSMOM,
    You don't like the cream one either?? I'm sad. I thought you'd be with me on this one :sad:

    Everyone has their own taste, I know :toung:

    What do u think about the cream one staining? I don't want to to look grungy like an old coach fabric bag after a year.
  9. The cream is MUCH better than the brown but I'm not too big on either of them.
  10. Omg... I LOVEEEE the cream one but NM only have the brown one now. =(
  11. Anyone knows the dimension of it?
  12. And where is IF bag made from? Italy?
  13. I ended up ordering the cream shortly after i read this post. i'm glad I did b-cuz i jus went back to the website to look at it and its no longer available!!!!

    See, I'm not the only one who liked it :P
  14. Lucky duck. Let us know what you think of it when you get it.
  15. OHHHH Ilike i like