I have pics of my Clay Gigi...

  1. but I can't seem to load the pics! I drill into the manage attachments. It doesn't work. I cut and paste. It doesn't work. What else can I do?

  2. are they jpgs? maybe they're too big? Does it give u an error when u try to upload?
  3. I wish I could help! anybody out there know?
  4. Thank you for the help. I'm going to see if this works. The last photo includes a picture of the Gigi with a birthday card from my ladies at Coach! I couldn't ask for better women to help me with my obsession.
    DSC00307.JPG DSC00308.JPG DSC00309.JPG
  5. What an awesome bag!!! CONGRATULATIONS and HAPPY BITHDAY!!!!
  6. Niiiiiiiiiiiice..........
  7. Beautiful Bag....love The Color!!!! Happy Bday!!!!!
  8. She is pretty !
  9. Very nice! Happy birthday.
  10. That Clay Gigi is gorgeous. Enjoy carrying her! Congrats!
  11. Congratulations! I have a Clay Gigi and just adore her. Enjoy carrying her, she's super chic, and a workhorse of a bag. You'll love her so much.

    And Happy Birthday. :smile:
  12. WOW!! I think Gigi in the clay color is definitely growing on me.

    I already got the Legacy Slim Tote so I can't justify buying another similar bag :sad:

    Congrats on such a beautiful purchase!!!!
  13. it's gorgeous, congrats!

    if i don't get the plum ergo hobo, a gigi is DEFINITELY 2nd on my list for must have bags!
  14. Lovely!