I have fallen for you...

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  1. what the crap does that mean?????????????
  2. Oooh, did someone say that to you? :graucho:
  3. o0o0o0o has someone fallen for you???? :love:
  4. it just means someone has fallen in love with you!
  5. GET 'EM GIRL! Spill the details :P
  6. yeah details!!! gimme some goss!!!! :graucho:
  7. haha you girls are so bad.....ya someone did actually and I didnt know what to say back and I didnt want him to clarify as it was a very akward moment for me...and the poor boy was spilling his guts and I was figgeting with my car radio hhhhhhhaha....does it have to be love, cant it be just be a deep like...............oh boy
  8. My guy friend who is on the phone right now says " he wants to marry you and make babies" I told him "no it just means he really really likes you and he is interested and a little more" but he says that "a guy isn't going to waste his time saying something so corny if he doesn't have strong feelings but maybe can't come out and say it"
  9. He likes you!!! Maybe not love, but definitely "I want to take this further!" Eeeeeee!!
  10. lizarotica - so do you like him??? ;) OR should i say do you like him in THAT why??? are you guys just friends??? has he just dropped a bomb on ya??? is he HOT??? (like Paul or Wentworth HOT?:love: ) Was her drinking???
    hmmm, ok, i'll ZIP IT for now... i think those q's are too personal!!! SORRY!!! :shame:
  11. AW! lol @ "he wants to marry you and make babies"! LOL!
  12. Ooohhh hubba hubba... somebody likes ya!! ;)

  13. I like him, but not love....we are more than friends...and yes he is pretty hot and no he wasnt drinking, but I sure wish I was lol
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. nice!!! he means it's done, it's over, you're IT for him!!!!!!

    unless you don't like him that way...(do you?)

    we're SO nosy
Thread Status:
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