I have decided to go for it

  1. I have decided to purchase my first LV:yahoo: , however I am looking for a little advise. There seems to be alot of care with these bags especially with the color of the leather over time. I apologize for not knowing the proper terms but sometimes when I read this forum is it like I am reading in another language. I have decided to get either the BH or the BV. I really like the Manhattan PM but that one is out of my budget. I just need to know what to expect when I go the store and make my purchase and also if you have any tips of other things that I should be doing. I have to admit that I never thought I would be doing this but I figuared this would actually be the best time for me to get the bag.
  2. This is such an exciting time for you. If you can, I recommend going during the week. It's generally less traffic and you can get more individualized attention. Ask for the BH and BV. Try them on and look in the mirror at yourself. If you need a minute, just tell them. This is a huge purchase and you want to make the one that is right for you.

    Once you've decided, tell them and they will get you a new one. Ask for a box. It's your first bag, so you should have a box. Inspect your new bag and tell them it's ok or if you want another one. Then you can go home with your brand new box, bag, and shopper and enjoy it!
  3. I totally agree with elongreach. Take your time and try them all on and make your decision. Have fun with it.
  4. Oooo, how exciting!! There's nothing like your FIRST Louis Vuitton bag!!! But, beware.....your gonna get addicted just like the rest of us!!! Ha ha, that's ok, we'll be here for you!!!!
  5. You're going to love it and it'll be worth the $. So excited for you!
  6. There is nothing like a day trip to LV, are you in SoCal? We are making a trip to SCP Tuesday & that would be fun for all of us. Seeing someone get their first LV would be a great afternoon distraction.
    Trying the bags is the best way to find you perfect LV. Most of us have gone in set on buying a specific bag & fallen in love with something different. LV stores are intoxicating!!! where ever you are going I'm sure a member can recomend a great Sales Associate for you. Congratulations & have a great time choosing.
  7. I am actually in Texas but thanks for the invite. I am going to go on Monday. I brought a Gucci bag a little while back and they did put it in a box for me, and I think that I will always treasure the bag and the box that I brought it home in. I keep changing my mind but hopefully I am ready to do this.
  8. Ask for a box & check the bag out befor you leave. Lv boxes are really nice. Happy hunting.
  9. I'm in Texas, too. Which store are you going to? I've bought bags at the Dallas Galleria and Neiman Marcus in Plano. I have to say go to the LV store in Dallas. It's much larger and they are so nice in there. My SA is on maternity leave, but I'm sure you'll get someone nice. Good luck and let us know what you bought.
  10. :yahoo:How exciting!!! SAs are usually pretty helpful so take your time and don't feel rushed! Def. try the bags on and you can even put some stuff you are planning to carry on a daily bases inside the bag you are planning to buy just to get an idea for the size!:idea: Good luck and let us know what you end up with!:flowers:

  11. I was thinking about going to the one in Galleria. I really want to have the whole LV experience. I also considered the Neiman Marcus in Northpark but I will probably just go to the Galleria.
  12. Oh, that's so exciting!! Relax, enjoy those beautiful bags and take your time to find the one you're absolutely in love with! (I have a feeling it'll be more than one, LOL).