I have an LV addiction!!!!

  1. So here are all my Louis Vuitton bags. Some of them i bought and some were gifts. My dogs kind of got in the picture, sorry! I have a Louis Vuitton addiction!!!
    LouisVuitton029.jpg LouisVuitton056.jpg
  2. LV and dachshunds....my favorite!!!
  3. Crikey!! Wotta lotta mono!! Made me laugh to see your little doggy poking his head out of the bag in that first pic - that's some bag charm!

    Neat collection with some fantastic patina happening there. Thanks for sharing! :love:
  4. WOW..nice collections!
  5. your doggies are too cute! and your luggage collection is amazing!
  6. Great collection! Amazing!!!
  7. great LV collection
  8. whoa that's a lot of LV.. nice!! :okay:
  9. wowwie!
  10. Wow!!! I have a long way to go :crybaby:
  11. Love your style, nice collection
  12. Excellent collection! Your doggie is so cute! Thanks for sharing, you have an amazing group of LVs!
  13. Thank you for sharing, great collection, luggage tdf!
  14. I love them all, especially with the lovely patina!!
  15. wowie wow wow! :nuts:I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the luggage pieces, especially the personalized trunks! I would make cocktail tables out of those, I would want to see them/use them every day if I had something so lovely! You are inspiring me to indulge in a Pegase and a cosmetic/train case!