I have an Audra on Ebay

  1. for a a buy it now price of $520.00 or best offer. I received an offer of 480.00 - opinions on whether I should take it??? Thx.
  2. Somebody's comment please!!!!!
  3. With or without shipping? If shipping is not included, I'd take the $480.
  4. I don't know{?} Have you done a search of completed items for it to see the highs and lows for your exact bag? I'd do that before anything else.

  5. Yep. If you can add shipping to that price I'd take it too.
    It would be a pain to relist if it does not sell
  6. If you were asking $520 and got an offer for $480-that sounds good to me-I would take it
  7. Shipping not included - Thanks so much!
  8. Is it an original Audra or a Flashback. The original Katie Bags with the non enameled studs go for some good prices. I thought I saw one that sold for 599.
    But relisting sucks. I sold my Botkier dirt cheap just for the bucks and to get rid of it for Spring use.
  9. i think i'd take it as long as it's not wildly low based on recently ended auctions.
  10. It is the original Audra - I accepted the offer. Now,of course I am paranoid that the seller won't pay - she hasn't been buying that long and has bought a lot of crap - nothing approaching the cost of this pristine Audra in perfect condition - I'll just have to sweat it out now.
  11. Good luck Suzy....hopefully, it will all work out!
  12. It worked out fine - I worried for nothing (which is often the case) I got the money and she got the fabulous bag - I have a little seller's regret but I have purchased too many bags this year and I wasn't using Audra - so it's for the best - thanks for all your input everyone -I really appreciate it.
  13. I'm glad you got your money! That's the crappy part about ebay: first, you have to wait to see if your item sells, then, you have to wait to see if you get paid! Double the torture, really. :biggrin:

    I'm glad it worked out for you. Better having $480 in your bank account than an unused bag in your closet. :cool: