I have an angry lil story to share....

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  1. Ok. So I am eating out for lunch and I am at the condiment counter getting ketchup out of one of those ketchup pump dispencer things......Well the ketchup doesn't want to come out soooo stupid me decides to give it one last try and it just shoots out but I just couldn't figure out where the ketchup shot out to..............So I sit, eat, drink, talk, laugh and have good time until it is time to go---- I reach in my big beautiful teal colored leather Carryall bag looking for my keys and what do i find? KETCHUP all inside my bag on my mini skin and on my wristlet and other things..........Are you kiddin me?? Ruined my day! :mad::censor::cursing:

    Thanks for reading, you guys are great!
  2. That's just awful!! :sad:
  3. yikes!
  4. Good grief.
    What materials are the mini and wristlet?
    I hope you can get it off!!!
  5. wow out of all the places to land and it lands in your purse darn it
  6. My 1st thought was OMG...So sorry, hope it cleans up...I would Cry!!!!Then I'd be **ssed....Good luck....
  7. Oh man!! Sorry to hear that, I'd be miffed too!!

    Hopefully because you caught it quickly you can get it all out.
  8. Oh bummer....hope it all can be cleaned
  9. Oh gosh, I hope you get to clean the mess out.
  10. Oh no!!! Were you able to clean it?!?!
  11. that figures, right. well hope it all comes out, on the bright side it could have been worse on the outside of the bag depending on the material of your bag.
  12. Soooo sorry that happened to you...I often skip the ketchup cuz I HATE those dispensers!! I hope you can get it all out...what a mess!!! :sad:
  13. Sorry to hear about the Ketchup!!!
    Hopefully you got your bag and wallet and other things cleaned up!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. Aww! That's terrible, I hope you can get them cleaned.
  15. So sorry! I would Freak-Out! If its patent it should wipe right off. Hope it wasn't a light colored fabric. Good luck!