I have always loved the flatter Bbags - here's an envelope clutch to entice!

  1. I was really looking forward to a Jaune in the First. As soon as I got the news, I bought the next closest size - an Envelope Clutch. I am certainly not disappointed, it's divine! The leather is so smooth and soft. It's squishy and flat, yet it is HUGE and holds a ton. I am loving this bag everyone xo

    The colour Jaune is so great for me too and I'll be able to wear it all year round where I live...
    017.JPG 013 - Copy.JPG 012 - Copy.JPG 014 - Copy.JPG 015 - Copy.JPG
  2. Another couple - what the heck! (i told you i'd be snap happy when i finally got a camera...)
    002.JPG 016 - Copy.JPG 011 - Copy.JPG
  3. Love, love the clutch!!
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats on the sunshine!! :yahoo:
  5. cOngrats... loving the sunshiney happy Jaune~!
  6. Fun clutch!! And thanks for adding a modeling pic- that always helps put the bag in perspective. It really looks great on you!!
  7. Too cute!!!!!!!:love:
  8. Beautiful!!! Looks fab on you. Congrats and enjoy!!!
  9. Hi KDC! Darling!

    It's gorgeous! The news about the Jaune first sucks major balls. =X

    But I don't know if I can spend so much on a clutch that I'll hardly use. Will you be using this bad-ass clutch on a regular? Or more-so on nights out?
  10. I absolutely love this clutch! I saw on in my NM and fell in love :love:.
  11. Very nice! Great combo.
  12. I love the leather on it, it looks so soft and luscious and the color with the SGH is so divine. You rock it beautifully! Congrats!
  13. i love the clutch!! and your shoes, you have great style :smile:
  14. wow KDC! you are looking so chic and gorgeous with your clutch:love:. congrats on finding another beautiful jaune that you love!

    i wanted a jaune first too. what a bummer.
  15. Love the Jaune!!! :love:

    The Envelope Clutch is practical...like it so much! :tup:

    Congrats for a great purchase.