I have a speedy 30 but now I want an over the shoulder LV bag. Suggestions?

  1. I love my hand-me-down Mono Speedy 30 to death, I even love how it sags and collapses. But I'm so darn protective of my speedy, I feel really weird setting it down to look at something when I'm out shopping.

    What LV bag style would you recommend for a hands free over the shoulder bag? Any suggestions are very much appreciated, I'm not too familiar with all the styles yet.. there are so many.. Just to give you an idea of what I sort of have in mind. I was eyeing the BV and the Neverfull PM. (At least I think it was the PM).

    Thanks girls (and guys) for taking the time to read my post.


    ps. posted it in the wrong section before.. silly silly me.
  2. I have the Speedy 30 too. I use the BH for a shoulder bag most of the time. It is super comfortable and stylish, not to mention practical! I adore it!!
  3. I can't wait to pick up a Montorgueil for a new over-the-shoulder bag. Have you looked at those yet? They are due out in March!
  4. It depends... do you like big bags or do you prefer a little smaller? The BV or the BH would be a good option.
  5. I think the BV is a perfect bag for shopping trips. I have both the BV and BH, but i us the V more. The open top makes it easy to throw things in and pull them out
  6. When I think of a perfect shoulder bag (size & shape) BH definitely comes to mind...I own one and it's the best!
  7. Thanks so much for your replies.

    needlv - I really love the larger bags. But of course some bags can just get a little too big.. I'd also like it to be practical too.

    sarahloveslouis - I just read a post on the Montorgueil, It looks great!

    img - I saw alot of BVs and BHs in the reference section. I really like their look.:girlsigh:
  8. I have a BH and I find it practical and stylish too!
  9. I love the Cabas Mezzo for a shoulder bag, it is my travel everywhere bag!
  10. Medium size: popincourt haut, piano
    medium-to-large size: BH, BV, mezzo, tivoli
  11. either the cabos mezzo or the tivoli gm
  12. I like the neverfull but agree with sarahloveslouis that maybe you should check out the montorgueil.. it's soo pretty and more secure with it's ziptop closure!
  13. Have you considered something in Damier or Epi? They don't have the vachetta to worry about. Go to Eluxury.com or Vuitton.com and familiarize yourself with all the different styles. Good luck and let us know which you pick!
  14. For my everyday bag I usually reach for my BH. I agree with other posters look thru the website and try the bags on at a LV boutique and see which one calls to you
  15. My choice would be the Tivoli!