I have a quick question about paypal buyer's claim

  1. I just opened a dispute against a seller on ebay who I bought a purse from and I have not recieved the item. The seller escalated the claim and provided paypal with a tracking number but I don't have the bag yet. Will I lose my case since the seller gave paypal a tracking number for a bag I don't have?

    I don't know what will happen; will I just lose the case and lose my money then if it's in the seller's favor?

    Ebay is so frustrating because the seller did not communicate with me at all for 2 weeks and so I opened the claim. Then all of sudden the seller escalates it.:cursing:
  2. Well the tracking number would have to prove that you received and signed for the package. If anything, it might hurt her case.
  3. Did you check up on the tracking number to see where the package went and did anyone sign for it? Maybe she provided a fake number.

    Or, another scenario might be that she forgot to send it to you, or she got lazy and put it off. Maybe she just sent it and you haven't received it yet.

    At any rate, check that tracking number that she gave you.
  4. Thanks for the input. I put the tracking number in but it says the number is invalid. So I'm not sure. I've been so worried over this because I don't know what will happen. It's just sitting on the back of my mind and I want to get this resolved as soon as possible. :crybaby:
  5. Tracking numbers may just show that she printed a mailing label, but not that the item was ever sent or delivered.
  6. If this was supposedly done a few weeks ago, the tracking number should still be available online. If it is coming up invalid, it is possible the seller is not being upfront about the whole thing. If the seller paid for insurance, then it should be covered.
  7. No, paypal staff will keep an eye on the tracking numbr. If the item is delivered within the next 10 days or so, they will find in her favour, otherwise you'll get your money back and the seller will have to mae their own claim with the postal service.

    (the only difference with the tracking numbert is that she has proof of postage. If she didn't have a tracking no., she would have lost automaticlally.)

    She might be one of those sellers who put on their TOS "I am not reponsible for items lost in the post" They are responsible and they soon learn this during a paypal dispute.
  8. I had this exact thing happen to me. Whatever you do...DO NOT close the claim! I never received my item..the guy provided a fake tracking number. I got all my money back within a couple weeks (it was for a smaller priced item)
  9. You guys are so helpful.

    Yeah, the seller posted the tracking number and now the status is in waiting for buyer's response. It says I have 2 days to cancel the claim otherwise paypal will continue their investigation.

    I thought it was 5 days?
  10. If tracking # does not work, it goes against her no? She has to prove that the tracking states it was delivered to you on a certain day.
  11. True

  12. Yep! The tracking number is no good if it doesn't show proof it was delivered to the buyer.

    If the number is showing up invalid it is most likely a bogus tracking number OR the seller gave the tracking number they plan on using once they get around to shipping.

    Either way without proof it was delivered you will win the dispute.