I Have A Question??

  1. Hey Guys I Have A Question Does Hermes Have Vip Or Vic Gifts Like Louis Vuitton??? If So Does Anyone Have Pics??
  2. they do usually silks or small (i mean really small) leather goods or china
  3. Yes, they do.
  4. they are not given that often....rarely in my experience...the favor they do is offer you a croc Birkin or some other coveted item.
  5. lilach, in the past, H gave out specially made key chains too, am I right?
  6. could be but not in my part of alaska .they do have region specific gifts (in japan they once gave away mini mini mini kellys (think 7 cm or so)in rouge H ) .
  7. It sounds like the mooncakes posted on another thread were a special gift.:drool:
  8. Oh my! It's so cute. Wish they still gave out that one. I love miniatures!
  9. I Would Love To See A Pic If Anyone Has On!!!
  10. They gave out little leather key chains earlier this year. Square with an imprint of Year Of the Dance on it.
  11. the compass cadena.