i have a question, would it be rude...

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  1. a purse i want just got listed about 15 hours ago. it is for 4 days and the starting bid is .99. Nobody has bid yet and there is a bin price for $325. would it be rude to ask the seller if they will take less? it is just bin, not obo. thanks
  2. It's always worth a chance to ask, the worst they could do is say no. I always put a OBO in my listings that have BIN, because the BIN is usually higher than I expect to get anyway. If I'm buying, I will make an offer if the BIN price is more than I am willing to pay. But to answer your question, I really don't think it's rude!
  3. I don't think it's rude unless you cuss? But it may be a little offensive (especially when you haven't placed a bid) - if seller would sell it for less she would have amended her BIN price, plus it's been less than a day up she might not entertain your request. If it has 15 hrs left, you might have a chance :smile:
  4. as long as it's not a low-ball offer, i'm sure seller is glad to get an offer :yes: good luck :flowers:
  5. If there is no reserve on the auction, the BIN should disappear once a bid is placed so you could place a bid and take it from there...
  6. I would definitely ask. Once someone bids they will not be able to put a BIN price on it though so I would get in quick!
  7. If the bid is not at least half of the BIN price, the BIN won't dissappear depending on the category.

    The following categories will have Longer Lasting BIN w.e.f 10/17/2007 with a price threshold of 50%.

    1. Parts & Accessories ( eBay Motors)
    2. Tickets
    3. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
    4. Cell Phones & PDAs

    Price Threshold: 50%
    i.e. The BIN option will be available on an item till the current bid reaches or exceeds 50% of the BIN price.

    Note: For reserve price auctions, the Buy it Now option will continue to be available till the reserve price is met. The price threshold is only applicable once the reserve has been met or exceeded.
  8. As long as you make a reasonable offer. The worse she can do it say no or maybe make a counter offer. Couldn't hurt.
  9. Ooooh see that is REALLY good to know, I wasn't even aware of that, thank you!!

    OP, you may want to play the waiting game, I have had some people do that to me, and if your offer isn't around 85%-90% of my BIN price I'll just automatically decline:hrmm: I'd rather have an auction ride out than get cut short, especially if I don't know its particular market, because curiosity strikes to let it run its course and let the bidders decide its worth:graucho:

  10. Well put!:tup::tup:
  11. I agree with Classic Chic, buyers havew done this to me and I haven't been offended.
  12. It won't hurt to ask. I did it recently and after a few back and forth mails, she accepted 400 dollars less. Wahooooo!!Go for it!!
  13. I have found as a seller that every offer is appreciated. If it is not what you must get to end your listing, so be it. But it is never rude for someone to show interest in a listing; far from it! I appreciate all emails, offers, etc. because that lets me know that at least my item is getting attention. On the other hand, as a buyer, I am sometimes hesitant to offend someone with a lowball offer, which is crazy when you think about it. I have seen Chanel bags sold for many hundreds less than the BIN price. So just email her and ask if she would consider offers other than the BIN she has set on the listing. All she can say is "yes" or "no". I can't see how she could possibly consider that rude. Good luck!!!