I have a question about the Musette Tango...

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  1. I know they either come with the short strap or long strap. I was wondering if the short strap could be worn messenger style?! I'm 4'11" and I'm thinking the long strap may be too long that If I wanted to wear it over the shoulder it'd look really funny. I've been going back and forth with this bag for quite sometime. I want something simply I can use while running errands and dealing with 2 toddlers. All your advice is much appreciated. TIA.:smile:
  2. The short strap is too short for wearing the bag messenger style. I am a little taller than you (~5'3'' on a good day :p ) and there is no way I can wear it that way. I have a long strap Musette Salsa. If you want to wear it on one shoulder, you can tuck part of the strap inside the bag. Let me know if you would like pictures (I need to charge my camera batteries first though :shame: )
  3. Oh, and I just thought of another bag that you could consider-- the Bosphore Messenger.

  4. Thanks littlepanda! You know, I was just looking through the reference library and came across the bosphore. It's a great looking bag. Maybe I'll take a look at it the next time I'm at LV, that'll be this weekend. LOL. Does it come in only mono? I was thinking about getting the Tango in Damier.

  5. I'm pretty sure it comes in monogram only. However, the Tango in Damier would be a wonderful choice (I have a Damier Salsa :p).
  6. Hi little panda. Do you still have your tango short strap? Could you post a pic of you wearing cit crossbody on the longest buckle notch for reference? Tank you