I have a problem with a transaction on ebay

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  1. I purchased a bag from a supposedly respectable seller. The bag arrived with a loose thread (see picture). I brought it to the LV store to see whether the bag is authentic and to see if they could fix it. The SA said they haven't seen bags with nylon thread for a while so they don't know but they would sent it in and get a estimate. I emailed the seller and she said she could fix it for me if I mailed the bag back to her. I don't want to mail a bag costs me $400 plus shipping back and forth so I told her I would wait for LV to call me. LV called today and said it would cost $75 to fix it. I emailed the seller again and I'm waiting for her reply!! I'm asking her to share the cost. I'm just wondering, with such a reputable seller, why is this information (loose thread) not disclosed in the description? You can't possibly miss that. It's obvious. If this could be fixed, why didn't she fix it first before listing? Am I suppose to not say anything in the feedback? I just don't think I can honestly say it's a great transaction!
  2. If the seller is being difficult, just cover the bill of fixing it yourself. Honestly, she should have paid for it all. I would leave honest feed back stating the problem and how unhelpful and dishonest she was.
  3. hey, that really stinks! i think the seller should at least re-fund you the shipping costs or at least refund you something because of this loose thread! I dont think you should pay for it to be fixed! if its really obvious that its a loose thread then of course she/he would of know about it! I say, dont fork out anymore money until you get a good enough answer.
    i'm really sorry to hear that this has happened to you - but sure to keep us up to date with what is happening! :amuse:
  4. Oops, here's the picture

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  5. Oh Conte De Fees bag !

    If the seller doesn't help you resolve the situation (e.g. pony up the money), I would definitely leave some scathing feedback. I mean, overlooking something as big as strings coming out could have turned you away from the purchase, plus you shouldn't have to pay for her mistake. Anyways, keep us posted !!
  6. I definitely think that the seller should work with you on this....it only seems fair since it's such a mistake on his/her part. Keep us informed!
  7. Thanks ladies! She said she would get back to me yesterday but she didn't. I feel pretty bad, stupid actually to jump the gun and buy this bag. Other sellers also have this bag and I would assume they are in better condition than this one and is in the same price!! I'm going to announce her name if she doesn't give me an answer! :sad:
  8. i'd leave negative or neutral feedback if she doesn't help you out. that's not right that she didn't list that defect.
  9. Well, I have to email her again for her to reply. She said she's going to pay $25 out of the $75 if I show her the receipt. Like I'm going thru all these trouble to cheat her $25!! Anyway, I'm going to leave her a negative feedback because this is not something she will overlook and that defect was not in the description nor showing up in the pictures. I will never buy from her again!!
  10. cant you just cut the loose thread off or will that damage that lovely bag?
  11. It will damage it! Otherwise I won't bother to send it into LV.:sad:
  12. Oh!!:amazed: :sad2: :cry: :evil: Is it a Conte De Fees pochette? How much did you pay for it,if i can ask??? I'm so sorry about it!!!
  13. So sorry this happened to you. I have to say I really hate ebay. I wish you could just send it back and get a refund. This just isn't right.
  14. what a shame-I have a Conte de fees bag....I would have sold it to you ...it just sits in the big lonely closet !
  15. What is the auction number? I would like to see what the seller had to say about the bag before giving my opinion. Can you post a link? I looked at ended auctions for all Conte de Fees bags and don't see this one.........