I have a love/hate relationship with ebay. Right now I want to break up with him.

  1. It's just one thing after another... one buyer didn't buy insurance, and his package got damaged during shipping, and he wants me to refund him entirely, even if it's not my fault and it was packaged well. (I'm going to do the refund... it's not worth the dispute/claim/negative he threatened me with).

    And now, after my most recent round of auctions ending, I have a buyer demanding that I refund her the entire cost of shipping for one of the two auctions she won because she wants it combined. I do offer combined shipping, but as it was clearly stated on the auction- I charge $3 for each additional item (I don't use flat rate shipping... so it weighs more, & I need to charge more because of the extra item). She still saves money by combining it, but she doesn't even want to pay the per item fee. I think my rule is totally fair, but she's all pissed off now.

    Grrr... I think it's time for me to take a break from eBay for a while.
  2. mmm... I understand your frustration - but just so you know for the future...

    The seller is responsible for getting the item safely to the buyer. You are actually the one responsible for insurance... I just build it into my shipping fees. EVERYTHING goes out insured. It is on me as a seller if something arrives not as it should to recoup from the P.O. or carrier - no matter what you put in your auction terms...it is always on the seller...
  3. Really? I didn't know that. I see it in auctions all the time that unless you pay for insurance the seller isn't responsible for damage or loss from the post office.

    For smaller items, it really isn't worth the cost of insurance if you ask me. For example, his item was a book. Most bidders won't bid if you factor the cost of insurance into the shipping... it would end up far too expensive. I'm just upset because no matter what, I'm at a loss here. I can't win. It's better for me to just give up on eBay and hope that some day things will get better.
  4. ^
    Yup people I guess feel better by typing that - but I know according to PP - it is all on the seller...:yes:
  5. ^ I agree. I think sellers either include that in their auctions because A) they don't know or B) they hope the buyers aren't aware that it's actually up to the sellers to provide insurance
  6. I would also ask the buyer to send pics of the damaged merchandise if you haven't already done so.
  7. I'm certainly on the verge of a breakup. I have a buyer claiming she did not recieve her item even though the post office confirmed the date and time it was delivered. I'm done with these nutcases!