I have a damn midterm tomorrow yet here I am

  1. Dear friends, just want you to know that i have my first psych exam tomorrow at 11 am and i have a LOT of studying to do. And yet. can't get away from tPF...pretty pretty, talkie talkie... :sweatdrop:
  2. GO STUDY, we'll still be here......and the very best of luck with you mid terms:heart:
  3. good luck on your mid terms! :P
  4. i used to be like that in college, get distracted by going online... or if i tried to study at one of the campus libraries on campus, i often ended up sneaking away to a common area and end up chatting with friends. probably why i ended up pulling many all-nighters, or just staying up till 4 am studying. i kinda miss college life

    but anyway, go study... and good luck on your exam!
  5. im glad my midterms were last week ...whew..but i do have this darn history project and here i am...
  6. I have a midterm tomorrow too :sad:
  7. Girls, GO STUDY!!
  8. I have midterms next week :sad:

    Good luck!
  9. I have SAT tommorow and Im here..its addictive!
  10. Good luck tom.!!!
  11. Go study and ace your exam..goodluck
  12. i'm pretty sure i aced that midterm :wlae: siworae - is that the crowned prince from goong (korean drama, hehe) in your avatar? i was obsessed with him for a while.
  13. yaaaaaaay for u nerdphanie :yahoo: , when r the results?
  14. i too love coming here for procrastination before midterms...I usually keep tPF window open when I am writing papers I know thats bad but I just can't help it.