I have a 2nd interview for a manager position at an awesome boutique..HELP!

  1. Hey girls! I'm so lucky that this boutique close to my house that I absolutely LOVE is looking to hire a manager. :yahoo: I had my first interview today, and it went well, only took me 15 mins to pick out my outfit too. :p

    In interviews, I always get stuck when they ask you "Do you have any questions?". What are some good things I can ask them? Also, for anyone who has worked in retail, do you have any advice for things I should say or try to project about myself? I don't have clothing retail experience, but I have worked at several art galleries so I'm familiar with working with customers, inventory, etc..

    Thanks y'all! :smile:
  2. i always get stuck on the do you have questions question! lol

    so i'm not much help there

    good luck, be confident, and try to get along with your interviewer
  3. I always ask the interviewer(s) why they like their job or working at the company. It gives me a feel for the atmosphere and what I can expect.
  4. I usually just try to find out as much as I can about the company and then let them know how I fit in with their organizational culture!

    I'm not much help, but just wanted to say good luck! :smile:
  5. Ask them if there's anything they think you should know, or if there's any advice they would want to give a successful candidate. Also ask them about opportunity for progression and display knowledge about who they are and what they do-- a lot of the time, they'll want to know you're interested in staying with the business and where you'd like to be in five/ten years time.
  6. Some of the questions I ask are:

    - what is the culture of the org
    - what is my manager's management style
    - did the previous encumbent move up within the company
    - what are they looking for in a candidate/what attributes did the previous candidate have that allowed them to excel in the position
    - and then questions specific to the position if they were not covered in the discussion
    - I always close my questions by asking them if there was anything I said that gave them concern about my ability to do the job and if there is anything I could clarify

    I think the questions the candidates ask is a very important component of job interviews. I've had three job offers in the past week and trying to not sound arrogant, when I am job hunting I get offered 99% of the positions I interview for and get to pick and choose and negotiate to get the package I want at the company I want.
  7. That's a really smart idea, I can see why you do so well in interviews! I'm making a note of that one for my own records, thanks. :biggrin:
  8. You MUST ask questions at this point. If you say no, it appears like you are not interested in the position/company. In fact, you should have your three questions ready and written out so that you can be like, Yes, actually ... (opens list).

    I like:
    1. What is the most enjoyable aspect of your position?
    2. (Something to demonstrate your knowledge and research of the company/position).
    3. What opportunities are there for taking on more responsibility/promotions?

    These will depend on you/the specific position ... you can always do some research and tailor your questions accordingly.
  9. This is an excellent question. I ask a similar one -- something like "Is there anything about this position that is required that I perhaps haven't talked about yet?" That way if they have any reservations about you, you can let them know that you truly are qualified for the position.