I hate to be rude but...

Jun 28, 2010
...I'm thinking of selling my cobalt blue MK hobo. Soooo many ppl of a "certain segment" are rocking MK--I know it sounds wrong but I take my dress seriously. I'd rather rock bags w/no label then look trashy. I'm even thinking of unloading my LV for the same reason.


Sep 19, 2013
Just curious, but how does the brand of your purse make a person look trashy? I think it may take more than just the brand to accomplish that. And people of any "segment" are going to rock any brand of purse so I don't think that should deter you from buying brands you like. Just my opinion.


Dec 26, 2013
Well see I buy my purses because I fall in love at first sight...Regardless of the brand, price or what celebrity is wearing them. In my opinion Hermes are bland and unoriginal...I wouldn't use it even if it was given to me. I agree with zuzu17 it takes a lot more than a brand name or a purse to define a person...like depth and personality.


Jul 24, 2007
What you choose to wear is of course your prerogative. But what I love about Michael Kors is that the brand transcends socio-economic class and generations. It has very broad appeal and is accessible.
When I go to the various malls about the San Francisco bay area where I see wealth and status all over the map, what I see most is MK. It's THE hot brand.
So try not to feel put out that a certain group of people you don't care for wear MK. All it is is a reflection of the success of the brand's far reaching marketing machine and appeal more than anything else.
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Aug 30, 2013
I understand what you're saying. You don't want what everybody else has. I bought my Hamilton's and bam. Hamilton's everywhere. I don't care what everybody else has. They have the same bag, more power to them. The outfit I wear with my purse is always more dressy, and I see people just being casual with it. (Jeans and sneakers) More power to them if they're happy.

You shouldn't let the local female population move you out of a brand because it's common. I liked MK a longggg time ago and never could afford it until this year. It's what I like and I'm not going to let my common "hot" brand leave my house because I see it everywhere. It's what I like, and it makes moi happy.

Maybe you need to buy another MK that's just right for you and not seen as much. I'm having fun with my MK's and I get compliments all the time. The only bag I see that everybody else has is the black Hamilton. I branched away from the typical colours seen and I get the oohs and ahhhs. Don't worry about what everybody else has. Be happy with your MK,


Mar 20, 2012
I understand what you are saying, and I have to admit.. I thought the same thing about Coach.. especially after it became more accessible through constant outlet sales!

However, I had to think.. I like what I like and that is all that matters. I am not defined by the clothes or the purses I choose the carry. Rock what you love darling!

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Dec 29, 2008
I think if it looks trashy or not is all in the way you personally wear it....not what or how everyone else is wearing it. You honestly cant expect a purse alone to make you look classy or a purse alone to make you look trashy.....


Sep 5, 2013
I'll be honest, Nikki Minaj breathed hot air into the life of MK, lot of people didn't even know who he was and although his brand has been out for a while it's still relatively new and I get what the poster is saying, but there is an MK purse for everyone. I personally don't like the MK monogram purses but I don't like LV monogram either. But there is also the Michael Kors line which features more couture bags, so I wouldn't say MK had been cheapened I just think sometimes when a celebrity mentions a label it tends to blow up and you see any and everyone with it


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Sep 21, 2008
I agree that maybe different styles within brands such as MK cater to different consumers. I think with both MK and Coach, the logo bags more "fabric" looking bags appeal to a wide array of people, whereas say a Saffiano Selma or solid leather Hamilton can be better appreciated by others, like us tpf'ers!