I HATE MYSTIC-TAN!!! *sobbing*

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  1. I hateeeeee mystictan! I am sooo panicky! The salon I go to the mystictan. I used it once, the was enough for me and I went home and stayed naked for like 4 hours like I was told , SMELLED HORRIBLE, tried not to get in on anything! omi! Still ended up with FU**ING STreaky orange mess! *sighhhhh* I spend like $30 on it for one session! I hateeeeee it! What do I do?! My hands looks ugly and orange!! Help! Plz! It scared the cra* out of me! I don't think I will be doing it again!! don't go to mystictan you will lookz ugly and freak orange!
  2. I think if you use rubbing alcohol on the streaks it should help. Did you call them?
    I'd demand a refund and ask how to smooth out the color.
    Also, did you exfoliate hardcore right before going?
  3. How? What kind of alcohol should I use? How can my orange hands off? I am so sad!! I don't wanna call em' or nuttia! I don't think so they will refund my damn money back!
  4. Just regular rubbing alcohol usually does the trick.
  5. I put it on a cotton ball so I can control it, go over your hands and streaks w/ it. You'll see it coming off on the cotton ball.
  6. I have heard this problem with mystictan sooooo many times. Good luck though!!
  7. Cut a lemon in half and rub it all over, you will use several lemons but it will help remove the tan. HTH.
  8. I have used a lemon & it has removed the color. You might also want to exfoliate. Don't worry the color will definetely fade in 1 or 2 days.
  9. i got the mystictan twice, and it turned out beautiful both times. ive seen it a few times though where it looked awful
  10. Rubbing alcohol works good to remove the streaks. I've given up mystic tan. I go for airbrush tanning now. It costs about $5 more per session than mystic tan but its totally worth it.
  11. years ago I did the Neutrogena spray self tanner and I looked like a freakin' pumpkin-this was back in my corporate days where appearance was everything-what I did was slather myself with moisturizer and loofahed which took care of 80% but had to use acetone on my palms elbows and feet. Good luck and seriously demand your money back-dont let them get away with this
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but I don't think this is the norm. I've had about 10 mystic tans in the past year, and every one has been perfect! I think the key is to exfoliate really well before and to be really careful applying the barrier cream.
  13. That's the key allright.
  14. Hmm, did they show you the instructional video before you went it? Sorry it turned out so bad, it will wear off soon. Take lots of showers. By the way, I have a friend who owns a tanning place in Studio City, CA. It has 3 Mystic Tans...do you want to know the owner's cost of one Mystic Tan?
  15. uuuummm, I DO!!!
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