I Hate Fed Ex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. So my bag was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I tracked it, it was on the truck, literally like an hour away.... and guess what!!!!!!

    They put it on the wrong truck!!!!!!!!!!!! The wrong f-ing truck. How the hell do you put it on the wrong truck?

    So now they wont attempt to deliver until the next business day..... Monday. NO F-ing holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now It wont be till tuesday. I'm so mad....

    Do you guys think I'm taking it a little far? I mean should I be patient enough to wait till tuesday, or should I call to lay the smack down?

    I always liked Fed Ex, they are very timely and prompt. Never had a problem.

    Until I actually am waiting for something I'm losing sleep over. :crybaby:

    I have to mention once it's delivered, it has to be overnighted to me in Japan. Which is actually about 3 days. Not over night.... so I could have had this bag by tuesday, but now I have to wait and I probably wont get it till saturday........

    Should I file a complaint??????
    Would you be this furious, or am I just being picky?
  2. Oh, sorry to hear your bag was put on the wrong truck. I had the same thing happen to me last fall, the bag was put on a truck going the opposite direction to another city, and since it was over a weekend, and they don't deliver on Mon., it took another 3-4 days to get my bag. FedEx was very apologetic, but like you, I wanted my bag!! On the upside, they have made many, many deliveries faster than expected. Guess everyone is entitled to a mistake now and then. Hope you get your bag soon.:yes: