I got them!!!!!!!

  1. Waiting for Mr. Swank to come home tonight about killed me! {see other thread ;)}

    I got them and I LOVE them!

    I took pics before w/ 1 ctw and after w/ 2.02 ctw for reference if anyone needs it.
    All I can remember is 2.02 VS1.

    Here are the BEFORES:
    IMG_0440.jpg IMG_0436.jpg
  2. :yahoo: Here's the NEW PAIR and a pic side by side:
    IMG_0476.jpg IMG_0480.jpg IMG_0468.jpg
  3. BLING BLING! Congrats! :yahoo: They are nice~!!! Looks very good on your ear. LOVE the martini-setting! (I assumed they are martini since they are 3 prongs?)
  4. Oooh, Aaah! Gorgeous!
  5. Lovely!

    Your husband did a good job:yahoo:
  6. Oh YEAH baby!! They are gorgeous...I love my bling...and Im so excited for you!! ENJOY!!! They look WONDERFUL!!
  7. WOOO!!!! go swanky!!!!!!!!

    LOVE them!
  8. Thank you!:biggrin:

    I'm borderline bummed about the setting. . . on one hand, he went w/ platinum even though I said don't. . . so that's fine! LOL!
    But I am specific about wanting oNLY a martini setting. . . well they;'re 3 prongs like a martini, but in a 'basket' as well . . so they protrude out a bit more thna I wnated, especially since they're heavier carat wise and metal wise.

    I can feel them when I walk, I swear.
    So I may ask him to get them reset.

    How does the color look?

    He filed the paperwork away and I can't remember the color. . . I may go dig in his office, but I LOATHE digging in that file cabinet :yucky:
    I thought I caught a glimpse of faint yellow, but my powder room is fauxed an amber color.
    I can't wait to see them in the sun tomorrow - hope it's sunny here tomorrow anyhow!
  9. So were you wanting white gold?? I am very picky about my settings...I like my diamonds set low...really Swanky they are gorgeous and Im sure they were pricey...so have them set in what makes you comfy. They do not look too high at all in the pics..but wearing them is another thing for sure! ...GREAT color...I love them.
    P.S. would you ever put the 1 carats next to the 2??? or is that too much for you?
  10. ^I asked for white gold just because I thought plat as a little wasteful of $. . . but him doing it on his own was a pleasant surprise.
    I'm planning on passing them to me little girl one day so plat is probably better in the long run.
    :yes:Yeah, I wanted them to sit right on my ear, like a true martini.
    Our jeweler is a broker and is happy to set them back and reset them, but swore to my DH that this is all he sells in this price range and up. {not that I care what other guys are buying!}
    If I see a bit of yellow outside tomorrow, I may ask to see another set :shame: and I'll wear them this weekend and see how I feel about the setting.
    Before I even saw them, DH started in on the whole
    "I want you to love them, if there's anything at all you want to change, we'll do it" bit. . .
    then to finish me off, we were laying in bed w/ my daughter before we took her up and he says:
    "man, it's easy to get bitten by the diamond bug!"
    I said, "I KNOW!!! But what does that mean to you? What are you saying?"
    He says pointing at my ring finger,
    "I kinda can't wait to upgrade your ring"

    I told him how sweet that is to even think of after dropping $$ on the studs and reminded him that in 2 yrs, we'll do just that! LOL!

    He doesn't like my teeny ones next to the new ones, I may try my old set in the upper holes tomorrow.
  11. your Dh is a GEM...lol...no pun intended...I would love to see your 1's next to the 2's!! Just curious??
  12. Aww!! Congrats Swanky!! They are TDF! [​IMG]
  13. They are beautiful!
  14. :nuts: Holy, wow! That's what I want, a carat for each ear. Congrats, and they look great on you, but if you're unsure about the setting, I would get it switched out. What a sweet hubby to bring up the fact that your ring needs to be upgraded.
  15. Oh wow, those are gorgeous, congrats!