I GOT THEM!!! No Stripping!!!

  1. I can't believe they're here already!! I just got the shipping email this morning. I was so excited when I heard the Fedex guy at 10:45am. So as I promised...NO STRIP TEASE. But maybe a little catwalk:p

    :heart:I got the metallic Carly! I absolutely LOVE how this bag looks, smells and feels. The metallic is more pewter-y than silver. It is GORGEOUS!!

    As you can see from the first pic, it is the slim. (oh...and I'm sure you can spy the Kiki).I am attempting to stand still with this AMAZING Carly over my shoulder! AND...in the third...I am totally ROCKIN OUT the Carly!!:yahoo:
    Metallic Carly, Kiki and Moms Bleecker carly 4 004.jpg Metallic Carly, Kiki and Moms Bleecker carly007.jpg Metallic Carly, Kiki and Moms Bleecker carly rock008.jpg
  2. That is the most beautiful Carly I have ever seen! Looks like you are loving it!!
  3. Then...OMG!!! Here she is...KIKI!!!!:love: She is so GORGEOUS and feels and smells so good! The leather is so soft and comfy. AND...she's HUGE!!! I cannot wait to wear her!!!
    Metallic Carly, Kiki and Moms Bleecker kiki 4 002.jpg Metallic Carly, Kiki and Moms Bleecker resize rock010.jpg
  4. ahhhh they're both so beautiful!!! I envy you and all of your gorgeous bags!!!
  5. That was fast - and wow those are just incredible bags!!! You definitely wont see many people wearing those babies! And you are too cute! Congrats on the great purchases.
  6. OMG absolutely beautiful bags. Enjoy you lucky girl!!!
  7. Beautiful bags, all of them:love: Thanks for sharing!
  8. I love the Carly! And you look like you are really enjoying your new bags. Have fun rockin' them! :jammin:
  9. That Carly is gorgeous! :drool:
  10. LOVE IT!
  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm.....I was just looking at the catalog at that Carly too.....I'm feeling that *need* feeling.....lol~!
  12. WOW!!!! BOTH bags are TDF TDF TDF!!!!! I'm LOVING that Metallic Carly!!!! Gorgeous! And the Kiki is gorgeous too!!! You wear them both so well! And your pics are too cute!!!!
  13. I was really hoping to see the new metallic Carly other than in the catalog but, I cannot see the thumbnail pics... :sad:
  14. love that carly!
  15. Both are stunning, congrats!