I got the jarb!!!!!

  1. I've been working in a temporary status as the program analyst for aviation, it's an Army technician job (an option for Guard soldiers to work full time like on active duty). The job consists of tracking a large budget split into multiple sections, inputting travel orders, reviewing travel vouchers, doing pay and allowance, inputting soldiers into schools that we manage quotas for (flight schools) and other random tasks. It was my first real position after college and the job had to be opened up nationwide - so I put together my resume and application and it went to the HRO in Alabama. They qualified me for the position there, and sent the top three names back to my boss. He then interviewed the three people and sent his recommendation to our HRO.

    And we found out today that I am it! Wahoo! I get a raise and job security...this makes me feel really good! I was nervous when I applied in December because I had college but no real job experience in this field - only 3 months at the time, doing the temporary gig.

    I'm excited because in my Guard status I am in the unit that is a part of who I serve during the week as a technician. It's all very related for me and I love aviation. We do a lot of things in my state and I am very pumped to know I was considered best for the job :upsidedown:
  2. Ah, that's great. Congrats and good work on being the best person to fill the shoes!
  3. Congratulations, good for you.:flowers:
  4. WOW! Too cool Candace! Congrats!

    (Wondered where you'd been! LOL!)
  5. Yay! Congratulations!
  6. CONGRATS! GO CANDACE!!! :tup:
  7. LOL So I get to keep learning my job for this year and then leave it for a year to go on deployment :upsidedown:

  8. Work has been real busy lately! Lots of people needing travel orders and pre-mob stuff, it's fun!
  9. :yahoo: Congratulations Doll!!!!!!
  10. Congrats!!!!!!
  11. Congratulations, Candace! Do you get to stay in OR? or will you have to move?
  12. This position is located in the same city as my unit, but at the military department (both in Salem). So we get to stay in Corvallis. If DH ends up working full time after college, we may move to Salem...but not yet. We love Corvallis :love:
  13. Yay!!
  14. :biggrin: thanks everyone!!!!!!!

    My 1SG had a heart attack earlier this week so please keep him in your prayers. He's okay now but they had to put 3 stints in his heart and he will probably be taking it easy for a few weeks (though knowing him it will piss him off and he'll be back to work on Monday :rolleyes:)
  15. Glad you heard back from your boss! and YAY! You finally heard back from them and you got it!!! I knew you could do it! Congrats honey! You and Jason should go out and celebrate! I smell a new bag sooon! :roflmfao: