I got my medium ergo hobo today and...

  1. I'm just "meh" about it ... I don't know if its because it's brown and kinda basic or if its the size but I dunno.. this may be a re-sell item. I have large ergo hobos that I love.

    Pics to come after a little while.
  2. Well, I want to see pics first, but if you're not in love with it, I think you should sell it and get a bag that you ADORE.
  3. Oh, bummer! :tdown: I bought a medium chocolate siggy hobo and wore it for about an hour and although I think it's really light and cute, it just isn't me and I can't keep them all.. so I have mine up for sale. Maybe give it a chance and see? :shrugs:
  4. If you don't love it you should sell it. I get rid of all my bags that I am not feeling.
  5. I got the plum ergo a couple weeks ago... and it really did take a few days for it to grow on me.. I wasnt that excited when it finally came and it actually stayed in my closet the first few days... But then i decided that i really liked the color and see myself using the bag for a long time... I'm not one to spend alot on brown or black bags but it was the plum that caught my eye...

    Give it a few days... If you cant see many reasons why you like it...Take it back or sell it... There is no sense in having it if you arent going to use it... At least this way, you can get something more fun... Hey, how about a plum one?? lol, it goes with everything and its not your typical color!!!
  6. Aww I'm sorry you are not in love with her!
  7. I'm sorry! Well, don't worry, you can give it some thought, and if you don't LOVE her, there's no reason to keep her.
  8. Don't feel bad about it...get something you REALLY like!!!
  9. I definately like the large ergo hobos and totes better than the medium. If your not wowed by it, I'd resell it.
  10. Other than my medium plum belted hobo, which for some reason I love, I'm not at all enamored with the hobos in general. They just seem kind "blobby" to me. If you still arent feeling it in a few days, return it and get something that you really love.
  11. Pic please?

  12. They are coming.. I had to take them with my phone so they aren't the best quality... I'm emailing them to myself now
  13. Cool. Thanks!
  14. Here are the tiny pics..

    sorry guys.. camera was dead and I was still wearing my PJ's :shame:
    0130080002.jpg 0130080003.jpg
  15. I love that bag on you, i think it looks really cute! :tup: