I Got It I Got It And I Have Pics!!!!!!!!


Jan 10, 2006
Hi Ladies I Finally Figured Out How To Resize My Pics!!! Yay. Hope You Like...


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does anyone think the recent cognac bags are slightly darker than last years, or is it just me? I stopped by the Fendi store two wks ago, and compared mine with one on the shelf. Maybe it was that particular bag...
The spy bag is a piece of art =). Im so happy Fendi has came out of their monogram stage. The sad thing is that ive lost alot of appreciaton of it becuase every corner I see someone with a fake one... Its a beautiful bag!! have fun with it !!!
don't lose appreciation!!! the ones with the real spy (like myself and almost everyone on the forum) carry it with pride and joy. You can always tell the knock offs from the real deal!