I got hydrogen peroxide in my eye!

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  1. I just want to vent about my stupid mistake yesterday. I'm on vacation and staying at a friend's house. I was out drinking with friends and got home at 4 am, and couldn't find my contact lense solution so I used my friend's.

    Turns out, it was part of a 2-step contact lense rinse where the first part you have to douse the lense in hydrogen peroxide, then rinse with another solution that, well, isn't some corrosive liquid.

    So I unknowingly soak my lenses in the peroxide and the next morning, rinse it out with the peroxide and stick it in my eye :wtf: well it burned for a good 30 seconds while I was rolling on the floor crying. I started yelling for my friend when I couldn't open my eye and then I hear her boyfriend say "oh yeah, don't forget to tell (my name) not to use the contact lense solution. have a nice day honey!"

    I took out my contact, went to the doctors, and now have a chemical burn on my eye! He says it looks like someone sandpapered my entire eye. :wtf: what a way to spend my vacation back home!! UGH..I had so many cute outfits planned out and now I have to walk around in glasses and one red eye. :crybaby:lmao!

    so moral of the story to myself is: no matter how tired or drunk you are, always check the label :P
  2. Oh my gosh! Although it's horrible that you have a chemical burn in your eye, I'm glad it wasn't worse. Hope it gets better soon!
  3. Oh my god! How horrible! How long is it going to take to heal?

  4. A week!!! :crybaby: But I'm thankful I didn't go blind from it.
  5. I use that kind of lens case, and I've made the same mistake! Nothing serious happened though- it just burned a little. I'm glad that it will heal and you'll be ok! :smile:
  6. Oh my gosh!! I hope your ok! I hope your eye gets better soon.:smile:
  7. omg!!! I could feel your pain because I wear contacts all the time!! I hope you're OK and you have a speedy recovery!
  8. I've done the same thing! I used to use that same cleaning system and a few times forgot to add the neutralizing tablet. Burns like a *itch!:wtf: I can sympathize!!! I just left my lens out for that day and was fine. I have disposables now so I don't use that system anymore.
  9. You poor thing, that must have been intensely painful. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. I did this once many years ago in high school. It was embarrassing! But I say wear you're cute outfits and rock those glasses!
  11. I cringed while reading your post! ouchie. Im glad it wasnt anything more serious - even though im sure that was painful enough!
  12. That's sounds so awful. I got a little lotion in my eye this morning and it burned...I can't imagine what hydrogen peroxide feels like.
  13. yeowchhh! i've never experienced that but sounds painful to me after reading your thread.....glad you're ok now.
  14. Ugh, I've never even heard of those kind of 2-step solutions. What a scary experience.

    It's exactly why I don't get drunk or wear contacts.
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