I got EB City but ........... pics

  1. I got this bag from BalNY yersterday. The leather and every thing about it is TDF but what do you think? it looks more like the FB to me. Should i go for the one more saturated and darker or keep this one.[​IMG]
    Natural light without flash.
  2. [​IMG]
    The back.
  3. too light, go darker
  4. I like this color, but I agree^ go darker.
  5. darkers definatley looks EXACTLY like french blue though your right
  6. ohhh it is beautiful but other pics of wb were darker. Any chance you can exchangeit for more saturated one?
  7. nanaz, i love this color, the EB i saw was more saturated, but i love yours more than the saturated one i saw, what a beautiful blue and the leather looks gorgeous. :drool:
  8. Darker for sure, it seems so light.
  9. i love it, but i loved FB :yes:

    but go darker if it's not for you!
  10. It's really beautiful, but if you're not happy with it then you should exchange it for a darker one :yes:
  11. The leather looks great but I agree, it looks like FB. If you aren't happy, exchange it for sure. Too much money to spend if you're not 100% satisfied. That's my opinion.
  12. I agree with the others, you should try to find a darker one. I think the darker, more saturated color is what sets apart the EB from the FB of last year.
  13. Hmm..Though the leather TDF, I much prefer the darker one..
  14. This bag is beautiful!
    but for me i prefer a bit darker shade ^-^