I got an email from Balenciaga in France! Plomb Day w/ Gold Hardware was cancelled!!!

  1. So I emailed them in France lol! The email address was on the Balenciaga website.

    This is what I asked:

    Hi there!

    I have been searching everywhere in the United States for a store that carries a PLOMB/STEEL DAY bag with GIANT GOLD HARDWARE. Was it even made? I know that the Balenciaga store in NYC has it with the SILVER but I am looking for it with the GOLD hardware.

    Can you please tell me if it exists, and if it does, would you mind telling me what stores in the USA ordered this particular bag? Thank you! I know it comes in the City, Work, Brief, Hobo ect ect, so I assume it would also come in the Day style :smile:

    Thanks again!

    This is what they wrote back:

    Thank you for your mail and interest in Balenciaga.

    After verification, i can tell you that the Giant Day Bag- version Plomb Steel with GOLD STUDS model has been cancel from our Fall/ Winter Collection.

    However, please find below the colors of the Giant Day Bag with Gold Studs available in the US:

    - Black
    - Vert Thym (light green)
    - Sky blue
    - Pink Bubble Gum
    - Electric Blue
    - Magenta
    - Tabac
    - Dark Green
    - Forest Green
    - Violine
    - Golden Yellow

    I remain at your disposal for any additionnal information yuo may require,

    Best Regards,


    So I guess my search for it is over. At least I now know! :girlsigh:

    And aren't those some of the 2008 Spring colors?!!?
  2. hmmm, so vert thym is light green, very interesting!
  3. ^ Is that for Spring?
  4. I'm sorry about your plomb day starbrite...but I've seen it with the silver hardware and alothough I'm not a big fan of SGH in general, it does suit this particular color really nicely :smile:
  5. those do look like they are the spring 08 colors we have been hearing about. Sorry to hear they cancelled the day steel with GGH- I know you really wanted that combo. Do you have a plan B? I agree that it is stunning with the SGH. It just is a bummer when you can't get what you want- I know!!!
  6. StarBrite.......have you considered the Anthra GH Day? I think you could get the same look as the Plomb with this combo. I'm pretty sure you can still find this bag in stores.
  7. My mother got the Anthracite Day with Gold LOL! I really don't like it. It's just a bit TOO blue for me.

    I think I will just get the Plomb Day with SGH. From pictures I am not wowed but maybe in person I'll love it. :shrugs:

    Does anyone know of any Barneys or Neimans that carries that combo? I am scared to order from BalNY and then not like it.
  8. I am supposed to get a call today from my gal at NM to see if she is getting that combo (SGH). She was talking directly with their buyer so I should know one way or other. I haven't talked to Barneys for a week or so, no one there would give me an answer as to if they had it coming in or not. They acted like they wouldn't know until or if it came in. NM is definitely more helpful!!!!!
  9. Oh can you please let me know? :smile:
  10. I will let you know as soon as I know!!! I have my fingers crossed for both of us!!!!!
  11. Interesting list that they provided with colors - it seems to confirm the S/S list that has been floating around. Unfortunately, they didn't let us in on the collection colors for S/S 08 yet.

    PS: Sorry about not being able to find your bag. I had this problem with the FB - there were several styles that just never got produced.:crybaby:
  12. Any news Peppermint?
  13. none yet.
  14. I think that is pretty interesting that they inadvertently told you what the s/s '08 colors are!! I don't suppose you could write them back and ask for color swatches for all those colors they listed? ;) :nuts: