I got an agenda today!! EEEEEE!! And a question...help!

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  1. Evening, ladies! I've been working mad OT to buy myself the Luggage Agenda, and I'm wondering, since the Zebra pens have been discontinued (sigh,) what are y'all carrying that fits in the small agenda besides the LV pen? TIA!! ;)
  2. do a search for "agenda reference" there are tons of options in that thread!
  3. Thank you! Now I want Hello Kitty refills, too!
  4. LOL! well hope you get the HK refills. SHOW US PICS LATER!
  5. If you're still wondering, I don't use a LV pen! I bought one from an Office Supply store after searching forever to find one small enough!! It was about $10 for a pen and pencil set, score!!
  6. Pictures please!!!
  7. as for a pen, i use a fischer stowaway pen. i got it on ebay for $8 plus shipping. its red and matches my pomme. :biggrin: