I Got A Spy Bag!

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  1. My aunt came to visit last night and brought me the copper/turquoise spy bag as a month-early birthday present! It is surely the most beautiful thing I've ever owned. The card inside said that the colors could run if they get wet, so I'll have to be extremely careful with it, but I love it. I thought that for a second I should exchange it for a more practical one, but then why should I do that? This is what I picked out originally and this is what she got me, so it's a keeper. I couldn't even open the sack when I saw Fendi on the bottom/side because I knew what it was. I was in such shock that I had to wait a couple of minutes before I could even touch it. Wow. It's amazing.
  2. wow! Your aunt is really sweet! :love: Post some pics soon, yah?
  3. pics pics pics pics!! :smile:
  4. Enjoy it! That bag is gorgeous.
  5. awww Sweeeetest aunt :love:

    Many Many Many Congrats!! :nuts:

    I saw the bag's pics here in the forum.. the color is extremely divine!! i wont be exchainging it if i were u!! just enjoy it carefully :amuse:
  6. Wow, nice Aunt! Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  7. OMG...what a nice aunt you have there. Let's see pics!!! Congrats;)
  8. wow, what an aunt....
    what if I give her directions to come visit me:P

    Congrats on your new bag!
  9. Woooohoooo! Congrats! I agree with the others, post pics!
  10. I am so jealous but still so happy for you ! Now pics!
  11. Definitely jealous that you have an great aunt and a great bag. Congrats!
  12. Nice Aunt! If I were to get a spy, that is the color. Congrats. Lucky girl!
  13. Congrats! What a nice present.
  14. Congratulations on your new Spy! It sounds beautiful!
  15. I will post pics soon if I can. I tried to take pics of my bag collection to post here, but the file was too big. I'm not too sure how to fix that. Any suggestions?