I give up....

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  1. Well, my Andrea Bruekner black saddle bag came today....and I don't care for it.....hubby says it looks like a rumpled up leather jacket with handles on it, LOL. It's difficult to keep it straight so that it doesn't look like a jumbled up ball, and the depth of it is wider so it sticks out a bit when looking at me from the front.

    Earlier this week I purchased a pre-order black Kooba Claudia from Pink Mascara ( they are w/in driving distance to me), after I returned the black Kooba Sienna that I didn't like. I like the style...but I don't like alllll the rivets....I feel like a "biker chic" in it...which doesn't really fit me. Hubby says it looks "fine"....but he liked the Sienna better....which is not an option for me.

    He took two pics that I am going to try to get up on here so I can get some real opinions...but I am just depressed. I need a new black bag!! Hobo~ish, prefer antique gold hardware, and not too flashy....an every day look type bag. I would like to keep it $500ish or under.


    OK, the pics are up ( Yay me, lol) but it's difficult to see the bags because they are black. The AB looks OK to me in the pic...but IRL it really is rumpled....and this pic was after I "arranged" it for the picture.

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  2. yea it's ok, not great... hmm. can't think of any advice on a knew one though... i think i like the kooba better over this one.
  3. I don't like the AB hobos. I have the vegas bucket, like that silhouette better.

    Here's a cute bag. I got it off another website. I want one of these. The black is sold out until Jan, but maybe for a future purchase.

    Maybe you like it. Its by hayden harnett


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  4. Thanks, Fayden. I do too...I am wondering if the Kooba might just grow on me...

    It really is a cute bag....I can't get the pics from the other thread, but here is a link to that thread...the comparison is down a few postings.

  5. I have looked at this site quite a bit...but for some reason I am not liking the white contrast stitching. I like it in the chocolate too! :biggrin:

    Thanks for your help!
  6. Oh, and one more thing....the AB zipper is difficult to open and close...like one gal said, it gets stuck in the center where the pleats are. And no dust bag. :sad:
  7. Personally I like the first bag in the pic you posted.
  8. Bjara, sorry to hear about your handbag blues lately. It happened to me back in September: every bag I got either was damaged, or just not what I had in mind. I don't care for either bag. So how about some recommendations?

    I really like the Aaneta Cleopatra bag in black:

    And I also like the Ananas Furoshiki hobo in black:
  9. That Ananas is cute!
  10. Thanks for the links!

    I like the Cleopatra, hardware is the right hue...

    Opinions on a bag that needs to be clipped shut in order for it to look "finished"? I don't often have the time to do anything other than a quick zip! LOL
  11. I did see a beautiful bag at Bloomingdale's last night...by the Roxanne by Mulberry. That is too structured for me, but their black leather is fantastic!!

    They need to make a slouchy hobo. :smile:
  12. The Roxanne Mulberry is an AMAZING bag! I use mine all the time. I have the brown (they didn't have the black this fall or at least I did not know about it). Anyway I highly recommend it.

    I like that Kooba one. I am not an AB fan; to me they look too much like Bottega Veneta copies. But maybe it's just me; I am super picky about bags. Have you checked ou Cole Haan? I know that they make some really good quality bags that are in the $250-500 range. I am not sure if they currently have a nice black one but I would check out their website. If not, the Kenneth Cole Hudson bag is pretty nice. FInally, Betsey Johnson has come out with some really cute bags recently. I saw them at Bloomingdale's SoHo but I am sure they available online somewhere...
  13. The Kenneth Cole whip tide hobo is nice especially in burgandy...191. at zappos...I saw it at Bloomingdales. The leather was pretty nice, the zipper worked well and it wasn't too big. I forgot about that bag because we don't talk much about that designer.