I FOUND My Perfect and Magical Metallic Bag

  1. Or it found me.

    I had decided I wanted to "participate in the trend," as Stacy and Clinton say, but couldn't decide whether to go for gold, silver, bronze, copper and couldn't justify or afford all of them.

    The Shopping Spirits have been especially kind to me lately, my spectacular (though purseless) haul**, the famous boots***, and the very next day, Mr Puff (The Perfect Man and a Living Saint) remarked on what a poor selection the Marshall's in that mall had lately, and said, "There is a much better Marshall's up by so and so. Tomorrow we will go there."

    Naturally, my store strategy is to look first at shoes and purses, and in the very first row of purses, there it was!

    I have looked and looked, and can't find a pic, how I have wanted to post about it here!

    But I don't know if I can describe it well enough. It is a large slouchy hobo style, very shiny, and it is either gold or silver, it is both gold and silver, depending on how you look at it. The light. The angle. Or something. If ever a bag was magical, this one is.

    The tag says "pewter," but this bag is in no way pewter. The top of the strap is a slightly soft fat rope, a firm foam inside I think, the outside a sort of braided effect, as if the fat rope were wearing a thick braided sock, and that is silver, though a bit goldish in some lights.

    Then joining that fat rope to the sides of the bag are cones with little carved designs, and the cones are a soft brushed goldtone. The fabric of the zipper is gold-bronze in color.

    The label inside says "Tianni" and it cost $16.99, I have no idea which, if any famous names Inspired it, I don't remember what it was marked down from, and yes, $17 is more than I normally spend on a bag, the one in my avatar is the only other one I can think of that I paid so much for, but this is truly the Perfect and Magical Metallic bag.

    It is either gold or silver, it is both gold and silver, I can carry it with anything, with anybling, it is "trendy" enough to impress the neighborhood teen Fashionista Squad, yet so simple in its design that I will carry it long after the current trend passes, returns, and passes again.

    There was only one in the store, and it was just hanging there waiting for me, My Perfect and Magical Metallic Bag....:yahoo:


  2. oooooo, sounds pretty Shimma!!!! congrats to you on awesome shopping finds!!!!

    pics pics!!

    (p.s. kudos to Mr. Puff - what a wonderful guy!!!)
  3. Kudos on finding your perfect bag, Marshalls is great for treasure hunting!
  4. Congrats on your new find!

    I :heart: reading your posts!
  5. Oh, that does indeed sound magical!! You'd better hold onto Mr. Puff with all your might. You know that we're all going to be in a complete swoon over a man who says something like that, don't you? :~)