I found my dream Capsule, however...

  1. In another thread I described my experience with the Capsule large satchel, the fact that it was made of a softer leather, unlike the original Paddy leather. I decided not to keep it for that reason. Well, I ordered online a Capsule in the "elephant" color sold at Bergdorf Goodman which I have not seen at NM or other stores. It arrived and is made of the same squishy, wonderful leather as the original Paddy which I am very pleased about. However....

    - it has an indentation in the flap on the front,probably from the chain laying on it
    - as I noted in the prior Capsule, the finishing of the many brass rivets in the bag which have leather around them is not as good as in the Paddys I have (less Quality Control?). Chloe should have cut the leather a bit more around
    - the last thing I noted was that the front flap seems to be lopsided.

    At any rate, I am exchanging it and noting the above for SAs to hopefully send me one that is in better shape.

    But ladies, this Capsule, is the same size as the medium Paddy, and IMHO it's very elegant!!

    So, maybe I will end up with a Capsule at last! :drool::heart:
  2. oh my, what's with the quality control of IT bags these days? so not acceptable, really. thanks for the story! i like the capsule too. the leather looks very desirable indeed. i also love the shape of the quilted bay but alas both are beyond my budget for a while yet. hope you will finally own the capsule!:smile:
  3. how disappointing- let us know how the next one measures up.
  4. I sure hope it works for you. I tend to gloss over those kind of problems if I am in love with the bag but if ou are spending those kind of dollars we really shouldn't do that! I love that style!
  5. Well, I talked to the SA at BG and explained what had happened and the fact that I enclosed a drawing with the bag showing the problem areas. She said I would get the bag within two weeks as they are still dealing with returns received September 25. She also said someone would call me to let me know whether there are any similar issues with the bag they'll be sending, so that I can make a decision. I hope the next one will be ok!

    I almost decided to sell my Taupe medium paddy because it is in a somewhat similar color family as the elephant capsule, but at the end decided to keep it. I simply could not part with her.

    I will let you know what happens with the Capsule.