I found a super cute Dior wallet today!

  1. oh that is so pretty! Congrats!
  2. Congrats, a very pretty piece of Dior!!!
  3. I totally love it, especially since it from the same line as my new D Dior Large Shopper bag and matches perfectly! :smile: The lambskin is so buttery soft and luxe...I love Dior! :smile:
  4. it's beautiful! and yup, it really matches the D dior you have. ;)
  5. very elegant .. COngrats:yahoo:
  6. That is cute.
  7. very elegant!
  8. omg! so cute. i love it:biggrin:
  9. Pretty!
  10. Wow...so chic and classy! J'adore!!!!
  11. oooh I love it! Good choice!
  12. congrats! it is cute!
  13. Congrats, very cute ! :yes:
  14. ...that big d!! :yucky: