I finally put an end to it.....

  1. As of January 1, 2008, I am no longer a registered member with eBay. I terminated my membership because of the problems that I've been having within the past 3 months and as soon as the issues with Paypal are settled, I too am planning to close my account with them and finally be free! I've come to the conclusion that with all the rising fees, unscrupulous buyers (they know who they are), scam artists, and low-ball bidders who want something for free, that eBay is just a place for people to troll and cause trouble and it's just not worth it anymore. Paypal is even worse because with all the disputes popping up, it seems they favor the buyers more so than the seller (even through no fault of the seller) and justice is not being served accordingly. Anyway, with that said, I feel like I've finally ended a bad relationship and haven't visited their website since then.:smile:
  2. Good for you! [I guess I shouldn't think about starting?? haha]
  3. i know how you feel, I am very close to closing my account too. Just too much hassle...
  4. I totally understand! Good for you for doing it. I just had an icky experience with a "almost new" bag that came worn and soiled. She put in plent of pictures, but it did not show up. This has happened to me several times and I will no longer ever, ever, EVER buy a "like new" bag again! I always want to delete my account, but dh always stops me even though he has his own account.
  5. So sorry this is happening to you.

    I have had my share of dodgy eBay experiences, and I really dunno where the honesty and trust btw buyers and sellers have gone.

    I still have to use eBay as I am always falling in love with LE items long AFTER they are gone... so its the only way I can get my fix.

    But its so tiresome and heart-stopping really waiting for the item, and hoping and hoping that it is how you see in the pics.

    *hugs* :flowers:
  6. Congrats on a bold move! I completely understand where you are coming from. This past Christmas has been the worst selling season for me EVER! Tons of non paying bidders and low-ball bidders. I also think that I am going to take a nice long break from selling.
  7. I've actually been thinking about doing it for the past 6 mo. but stopped myself each time because I just kept telling myself that if I didn't want to pay retail then eBay was the place to go but after so many disappointing transactions; 1st neg.(when I was the wronged party), losing a claim (when it was the mail carrier's error), low-ballers, scammers, etc., that pretty much swayed my decision to finally end it and you know what?....for all the trouble and headache, I'd rather buy retail and know that what I'm buying is the real thing and that to me, is worth every penny.
  8. I have over 400 eBay purchases and sales, and overall I've had very few problems with it. I'd far rather buy than sell though ... most sellers in my experience will bend over backwards to please, whereas buyers seem to be increasingly "low ball bidders who want something for free." There is good and bad on both sides of course, but I find it's easier overall to avoid bad sellers ... you can choose who to buy from, but you're stuck with whoever wins your auction.
  9. I myself am trying to finish up with eBay. I have about 14 things to sell (I used to have a store - not purses, but I buy my purses on there) and I am so sick of dealing with eBay. I have had so many NPB in the last 3 months (It's gotten much worse than it used to be) and am dealing right now with a PITA buyer who keeps coming up with excuses to why they can't pay then tries to lower the price. Theya re getting a NPB strike if they don't pay tomorrow.

    It was fun for awhile and brought in a little extra money to buy my shoes and purses with but now it is such a headache - I have enough stress from my full-time job than to deal with this anymore.
  10. I've gotten some amazing deals on ebay. I guess I've been lucky with only one bad experience. I've also sold some bags, shoes, boots etc. and been pretty lucky as well. But I know how you feel...I keep thinking it's only a matter of time.:sweatdrop:
  11. louis gal...very well said, imho...i am tired of all the questions, the sob stories, the special requests, etc...it has become quite disillusioning....