I finally got them!!

  1. After missing UPS 2 times, I finally went to UPS and picked my babies up!:smile:
    My two new editions. Coin Purse Black and Glacier Blue. The Blue looks a bit darker, but it is lighter than the ocean blue twiggy that I have.

    pic 029.jpg

    pic 031.jpg

    pic 033.jpg
  2. Ooooh, those two colors look so good together! Coin purses are the cutest Bal accessory by far, enjoy!
  3. Super cute coin purses! Congrats!
  4. wow congratulations on the fab finds! i love the blue :smile:
  5. They are too cute!
  6. congrats!!~ i want one too!!~
  7. The glacier is wonderful !! congratulations :smile:
  8. oooo the bleu glacier looks almost cornflower!!
  9. Love your twins! I love the colors.
  10. That is so cute.. I simply love Blue Glacier.. im also awating my Coin purses in Ivory.. Is the leather good?!! Wat u gonna put in it?
  11. i love the bleu glacier :yahoo:it's more veiny or marbly than the ocean, yes? how's the leather compared to ocean's? would you be able to post them side by side, please? :flowers:
  12. :tup:Congratulations! Coin Purses are my latest obsession. I just love these little devils! Thanks for sharing your photos!:heart:
  13. so cute! congrats!
  14. Congrat!
    The Blue Glacier CP is a major drool :woot:
  15. Congrats on your new coin puses.

    The colors are TDF. :tup: