I Finally Got My Vanilla Epi Speedy!

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  1. I mentioned this in the other thread but FedEx apparently came at 11:06 A.M. and said no one was home and had it rescheduled for tomorrow but I am sick of waiting because I don't even know if they're really trying to deliver it so my friend drove me to the FedEx destination and I got the bag.

    I bought this bag on eBay from FASHIONPHILE and I am slightly upset. There are wrinkles on it that wasn't shown in pictures (only one side of the bag was pictured) and it wasn't mentioned in the description either. I don't know if the wrinkles were there to begin with or it got damaged during shipment. I haven't left feedback for them yet, what should I do?

    I was so excited about this and waited so long for only for it to be wrinkled. :sad: Please give me your opinions! (I am also feeling lazy and tired now so I'll post pics later on.)
  2. oooh congrats! I LOVE vanilla, I must get something in it some day! I would leave honest feedback.
  3. Congrats on the vanilla speedy. Fashionphile is usally really good about pics and her descriptions-sorry to hear about the wrinkling
  4. I think I would say that in the feedback. I understand your disappointment, you were psyched for it and now you get a wrinkled bag....
    all the same, I want a Vanilla Speedy!
  5. if you are really not happy can't you return it? do you have pics and is it that noticable?
  6. Post pics- is the wrinkling severe?
  7. oh congrats!
  8. You should take up your concerns with Fashionphile. I would think they would want you to be a happy returning customer.

    Congrats on your speedy and I hope it works out for you.
  9. sorry to hear that, can we see pics? I noticed when I bought my beige vernis bucket, the scuffs were worse in life than the photos, but it cleaned up nice so I didn't say anything.

    I hope it works out for you.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats, can't wait to see pictures :smile:
  12. Contact them before leaving feedback. Gives them chance to explain.
  13. I looked at your completed auction and it's really gorgeous, but it is only shot from one side. She does not mention any wrinkling in her description either. I would suggest emailing the seller and telling her the bag is wrinkled on one side, the side not pictured in the auction. Say you feel a bit mislead about the condition. From what I know and see of epi it does tend to wrinkle/crease in spots. Is it really 'that' bad? If it's livable I would keep it bec. it's such a lovely color and the one side that is shown is perfect, lol, so you could always have that side worn visibly and the more wrinkled side worn next to your body. Nevertheless I would def. mention it to the seller, perhaps she'll deduct some off the price, or if you are truly unhappy accept a return. If she seems unwilling in either case, I would mention it in the feedback but in a very factual way, not spiteful.
  14. I definitely agree. I've noticed they try to do anything possible to rectify any situations if contacted first. Also, they DO leave retalitory feedback, always- so do contact them first cause if you neg them they WILL neg you back and then be less apt to make the situation right about the bag. It's not a good business practice but that's eBay.

    I'm sorry it was wrinkled! I'm sure it's still fabulous!
  15. congrats! And I think you should contact them about the situation befroe leaving feedback