I finally got my hands on Chanels Jade

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  1. How do I make it last the longest on my nails?

    Which undercoat and topcoat?

    Im sooo happy :yahoo:
  2. congrats! I've heard very hard to find. I've heard good things about chanels top coat in this forum.
  3. lucky you! the colors are TDF
  4. enjoy having Jade on your nails.. awesome you found it!!
  5. I saw your pic with this color and it looks beautiful on! Enjoy!
  6. it's gorgeous! i notice if you use no basecoat, it lasts longer. :smile:
  7. may i ask where you got the Chanel jade? i've been looking for a while and still haven't been able to find one.
  8. Thanks all of you :biggrin:

    I decided on the Chanel topcoat. I tried a lot of others, but that was by far the best, and the last one I had, lasted me almost 1 1/2 years.

    Devoted7: So no basecoat, but only topcoat?

    jkhuu623: I found it on a site where people sell stuff, kinda like ebay :smile:
  9. Undercoat & topcoat???? I'm lucky if I just get the polish coat on my nails...
  10. Im not quite sure I get this? :smile:
  11. ^Meaning, I am the mother of two young kids and I'm lucky if I have time to paint my nails, let alone apply an undercoat & basecoat.
    Just being silly. Congrats on the Jade:smile:
  12. I love Orly rubberized bonder base coat. It has rubber in it to make the polish grip the rubberized base coat. I use Seche Vite topcoat. I love it. My manicures last about 4-5 days this way as opposed to 1 day with any other base coat.
  13. Congrats on finding the Jade! From the pictures I've seen, it is beautiful! :smile:
  14. Ah, now I get it ;)

    Im single with no kids (yet), so I have plenty of time :graucho:

    And thanks :biggrin:
  15. That sounds good, do you know any sites that sells it?

    I tried a Seche Vite dry fast topcoat, and it was not good at all. It was really thick and made strings of polish.