I finally got it! here's the pics!!

  1. Yes!! I finally got the damier speedy 30! and I'm so excited! I went to the LV store in Horton Plaza in San Diego and I got the last one, and right before the price hike too...the damier speedy 30 will be $620 I believe today, so glad I got it for $585! my bday present to myself :biggrin:

    Another perk to buying the damier speedy is that they are all "made in France" since it is a new item, ...once they start being mass produced, they will start to make them in the US (that's what the sa told me)... here are some pics to look at along with my updated family pic! enjoy and thanks for sharing in my excitement!

    DSC03918.JPG DSC03920.JPG DSC03937.JPG DSC03939.JPG DSC03928.JPG
  2. Love the bag!!! Congrats, it looks great on you!
  3. Congrats! It looks awesome on you - enjoy
  4. Congratulations, your bags are all gorgeous!
  5. It looks so good on you! Nice top, by the way..
  6. Big congratulations and celebrations!
    It looks super on you.
    May you have many lovely outings with him/her...!:yes:
  7. the bag looks great!! great addition to your collection, congrats!!
  8. Beautiful!!!!

    I love the family photo!
  9. Very nice! Glad you got it before the price increase
  10. thank you all! You're all so sweet, this is the best forum, only you guys and gals can share in my excitement, no one else understands the beauty of these bags...hehe!
  11. Congrats!
  12. looks great! congrats!

    fyi, i saw some made in usa damier speedys at south coast plaza yesterday. i had to search to find a made in fance one. i think the 2nd shipment is coming in that are made in usa.
  13. Congrats!!! Great family pic. :biggrin:
  14. Love your collection! Congrats on adding to it!
  15. :yahoo: for you!